A Family History

Famille Mialhe

The Miailhe family, owners of the Château, were eager to go back to their roots and give birth to the Château Carrosse Martillac in Martillac in the heart of the Pessac Leognan region in 2015.

For several years, the vine cultivation and winemaking were the main activities of the family during the Graves period, long before Pessac Leognan.
The vineyard was abandoned in 1972 for a completely different activity: the culture of the lily-of-the-valley.

As a reminder of this heritage, the lily-of-the-valley appears on the label of the Château Carrosse Martillac wine through the coat of arms of the community of Martillac.

The origin of the name Château Carrosse Martillac comes from an ancient path in the town of Martillac: the Carrosse pathway. At the time, this path served Châteaux du Thil, Smith Haut Lafitte and Rochemorin. In addition, on this path is the locality known as "La Salle", where Château Carrosse Martillac is situated.


The place called La Salle - Lasalle, etymologically originates from "La Salla", a country house in a rural setting with a reception hall. This place in Martillac refers to the name of a family of the Bordeaux nobility, the de-Lassalle, a member of which is mentioned in 1748 as lord and owner of the place.

Today this estate is the fruit of a common passion shared between two brothers, Ghislain Miailhe and Julien Miailhe, who wish to offer an exceptional wine worthy of the Pessac-Léognan appellation.

To meet this requirement, both ensure the respect for the vine and its ecosystem in order to preserve biodiversity, using ancestral plowing techniques as their father did and practice their profession of winegrower with the latest wine innovations.

At Château Carrosse Martillac, there is only one step between tradition and innovation.